skill development

We enable the rural community to recognize their potential and utilize their knowledge by providing customized quality training, orientation workshops & exposure visits.

SEEDS is grooming grass root women as counsellors to provide the first level of psycho-social support and information on violence against women/girls. Forty counsellors, popularly known as Disha Di (one who shows the direction/path)  from 5 Blocks (Dumaria, Musabani, Ghatsila, Potka and Arki) received orientation in basic counselling. They also demonstrated dealing with cases and counselling the victim. Now village women have started coming up with their rights related problems (mostly domestic violence) and approaching Disha Di in their respective cluster, to seek redressal of their woes. In  two months 113 cases have been reported by village women, out of which 83% related to domestic violence, 9% to illicit relation and about  7% to bigamy. Slowly these counsellors are becoming a resource pool at the village level.

Gender Equality Workshop for Men

In our efforts to improve prevention of violence against women/girls, a number of interventions are  being made to bring about  changes in behaviours, practices and attitudes, especially among men. We conducted eight workshops for men to promote a gender equitable environment within families. The 234 participants developed a good understanding about gender through a card game designed by SEEDS. 

We provide trainings for rural women, adolescents and youth, village headmen, community, civil society organizations, teachers and such key stakeholders.

A workshop on Gender Equality

Mushroom Training

Sustainable agriculture

This year over 130 marginal farmers from 14 farmers groups got oriented in systematic vegetable and oilseeds cultivation. Thereafter they were given oilseeds and vegetable seeds (flaxseed, sesame, mustard, garlic, chilli, bitter gourd, red and green pumpkin, spinach, tomato). They have reaped a good harvest and also saved the seeds for the next season.

Self confidence of those trained, is being reflected in their work, gait and interactions.  


 At SEEDS, no contribution is small. Become harbingers of change by affirmative action.