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We enable the rural community to recognize their potential and utilize their knowledge by providing customized quality training, orientation workshops & exposure visits.

Water Purification with Moringa seeds Workshop

Two training programmes were conducted at Udaypur and Sardabera Village of Saraikela Block, Jharkhand, where inhabitants had no source of potable water and they frequently suffered from stomach and skin ailments. The twofold objectives were generating awareness regarding consumption of safe drinking water; and developing the skills of youth to purify water through scientifically proven methods using seeds of the locally grown moringa.
The process of purifying water with the help of the moringa powder was demonstrated amidst 78 participants. Crushed Moringa seeds purify water to suit domestic use and lower the bacterial concentration in the water making it safe for drinking. Moringa seeds powder is used as a quick and simple method for cleaning dirty river water. Villagers were very happy and they stated :
“These days we are selling moringa at Rs 20 per kg so it is better not to sell. We will preserve the seeds and utilize it to purify our water throughout the year.” – Shri Chhotelal Sardar, Udaypur
“This is the easiest way to purify water, no costs involved and no dependence on others.” – Alka Sarda

We provide trainings for rural women, adolescents and youth, village headmen, community, civil society organizations, teachers and such key stakeholders.

A workshop on Gender Equality

Mushroom Training

Sustainable agriculture

This year over 130 marginal farmers from 14 farmers groups got oriented in systematic vegetable and oilseeds cultivation. Thereafter they were given oilseeds and vegetable seeds (flaxseed, sesame, mustard, garlic, chilli, bitter gourd, red and green pumpkin, spinach, tomato). They have reaped a good harvest and also saved the seeds for the next season.

Self confidence of those trained, is being reflected in their work, gait and interactions.  


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